Nick Gordon Arrested For Assault & Kidnapping. Evidence For Bobbi Kristina Trial.

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Bobbi Kristina’a ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon was arrested in Sanford, FL for allegedly assaulting and kidnapping his new girlfriend. 


According to Nick’s new girlfriend Laura Leal, he was pissed off because he assumed she was trying to hook up with his friend at a local sports bar Friday night. The two argued into early Saturday morning. The 26-year old says when she tried to leave Gordon began hitting and punching her and refused to let her leave. She tried to use the computer to let her sister know what was going on but Gordon smashed it.

In a statement released to The Daily Mail, Leal explains that he attacked her for hours. She says that Gordon had her pinned down her down to the bed, punching her until she saw white. Her head was hit so hard she wondered if she was dead. Leal said her survival instinct kicked in and she was determined to not let what happened to Bobbi Kristina happen to her. She smashed his nose in with a heavy candle before running to Gordon’s mother that lives with him.

The police report reads that his mother drove Leal home, and her sister drove her to the hospital. Gordon was then arrested, but when he got to the station, he said she attacked him and wanted to press charges against her. He has since been released on $15,500 bond, but has to stay away from Leal. He is wearing a GPS monitor to make sure he does not come anywhere near her.

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Since the news spread about Nick Gordon’s arrest, the Fulton County DA who is ready to convict Gordon for Bobbi Kristina’s 2015 death told TMZ,  “It goes without saying that the arrest of Nick Gordon in the Florida domestic violence case will certainly add an additional layer of evidence to the final resolution of this matter.”

Is this karma making its way right back around?

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