Sheree Whitfield Secretly Married Man In Prison.

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Tyrone Gilliams & Sheree Whitfield.

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield has allegedly gotten secretly married to a prisoner and we have the tea on his crimes. 


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The self-proclaimed “bone collector” was definitely holding on to this skeleton in her closet. Now the word around Atlanta is that Phaedra isn’t the only one with a husband in cell block 8. The loud whispers say Sheree married a man named Tyrone Gilliams, who is doing a bid for fraud in a Georgia state penitentiary.

Now here is a little tea on their relationship. The two have allegedly had a relationship for years. Remember season 4 back in 2011 when NeNe Leakes and Sheree fell out over an appearance fee? (clip below).


Well that same “scammer” is Mr Tyrone Gilliams according to website Straight From The A. They also allege that he funded her house or château as she calls it, and the real reason why it took so long was not because of contractors, it was because he got locked up.

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After doing some research we found an article on him in a Philadelphia based online magazine, where he was described as an “Ivy League Scam Artist. Charged by the feds with running a Ponzi scheme”.  The article then went on to say:

In December 2010, a tall, puffy 40-something ex-Penn basketball player named Tyrone L. Gilliams Jr. announced that it was time for him—for all of us—to “give back.”

He did this through a slickly produced five-minute video that identified him as a “mogul,” “philanthropist” and “self-starter” and rotated him through four different wardrobe changes, including one topped by a white wool hat and scarf and another accented by a bright orange hoodie vest. But Gilliams seemed most comfortable in a stylish gray suit with a French-cuffed white shirt and red tie, a look accessorized with a pile of bundled $20 bills.

“This,” he proclaimed, “is what we’re giving back.”

Apparently Tyrone has scammed people from the US to Ghana.

As the feds have pulled at the threads of Gilliams’s patchwork financial world in the year since, they’ve uncovered a bizarre tale of financial intrigue and emotional bankruptcy, centered on a man who they claim bilked people across the country out of millions and then spent their money to enhance his own lifestyle and image—like the $1.3 million he “gave back” for the Joy to the World Fest. It’s a still-unfolding mystery that includes the alleged defrauding of an unsuspecting millionaire philanthropist in Cincinnati; an aging Greek national with a questionable account at JPMorgan; a handful of screaming New York civil litigators; and a crusading Wall Street prosecutor recently profiled on the cover of Time magazine, whose office set out to connect the absurdly disparate dots. It’s a story that stretches from brokers in New York and Palm Beach to a medicinal marijuana farm in Denver to a gold mine in Ghana to, finally, the attractive Art Museum-area house that Tyrone Gilliams shares with his two young kids and their mother. He was arrested last October, and is now charged with masterminding a $5 million Ponzi scheme that could land him in prison for years.

Read the full article here.

Last year Sheree appeared on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens: Live, and you know messy Andy had to ask her if the rumors were true that she was engaged to Tyrone Gilliams, but she denied it.

I know the shady bunch of RHOA can’t wait to bring this up for the cameras, and we will be patiently waiting.

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