Sky From Black Ink Crew’s Son & His Father Says “Adoption Story Told Was A Lie”.

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Sky from the hit TV show Black Ink Crew won’t be too happy when she see’s the interview her oldest son Genesis did with his biological father.




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Now if you have been following  Black Ink (New York) Crew, then you know about Sky giving us a gut wrenching story about how she had kids young and gave them up for adoption. The entire world empathized with her because who really knows how to be a parent at 14? Well one of her son’s fathers that was featured on an episode of Black Ink has decided that enough is enough. He decided that he and their son Genesis need to let the world know that what we saw on TV…..was all for TV.

In part 1 of the interview below, Genesis and his father Big Reez talked to Gossip Liv about their side of the adoption story, how her son has been in and out of jail, and seeing him run around naked on camera.

Now I am a little confused by this interview. Reez appeared on the show, he basically went along with what she had to say then. That could’ve been his opportunity to tell his truths, why wait now?

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I definitely need to see part 2.

On top of that, the father and son duo have also met up with Dutchess in North Carolina, and gotten tattoos from her shop Pretty In Ink.

Dutchess and Sky have had a frienemy type of relationship. Sky’s loyalty was more to Ceasar because they grew up together.

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Now maybe Duchess is trying to keep a story line to stay on the show….but she met up with one of Sky’s sons and the boy’s father. It’s kind of like a case of Rick Ross and 50 Cent, how 50’s son started hanging out with Rick. Well apparently Sky’s son is #TeamDutchess.

We will keep you posted as more information is released. We will also attempt to get a comment from Sky on the matter.

Stay tuned…



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