Woman That Says She Was Raped At Drake & Future Concert Wants $25 Million.

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Drake & Future had a hell of a tour last year but rape was the last thing we expected to come from it. 

A woman states she attended the rapper’s concert last August in Nashville and was met by a man named Leavy Johnson. Johnson allegedly promised the woman she would get to go backstage and meet both Future and Drake. Instead she says she was attacked and raped by Johnson.

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Leavy Johnson Being Arrested.

Johnson, who was affiliated with Bridgestone Arena, has been arrested and is awaiting trial. The woman is choosing to sue both Drake and Future she says because they (including the arena and anyone who had something to do with the show itself) should have known that employing Johnson would potentially put others in danger. The young woman says she suffered severe physical and psychological injuries.

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Neither rappers have made statements on this law suit. I wonder how Drake and Future could be held liable?  Should they pay the 25 million?

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