Part 2: Sky From Black Ink Crew’s Son Speaks On Her Giving Him Up: “Was I Not A Good Enough Son?”

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Gossip VIv & Sky’s son Genesis

Part 2 of the interview with Sky’s (Black Ink Crew) son Genesis has dropped. He talks about if there will ever be a reconciliation and his mom saying depending on his criminal charges she would not deal with him.


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Last month we showed you guys part 1 of this interview where Sky’s son Genesis spoke about the way his life story was depicted on Vh1’s Black Ink Crew. He says the story his mother told was a lie.  If you missed it, catch up here.

In part 2 Genesis says if Sky tries to reconcile it would be for tv, and he is not doing interviews for the money.


Since this interview, Sky and Genesis have spoken. She posted a picture of them Face Timing on her social media and it pissed Genesis off. He doesn’t want people to believe that conversation was them making up. I believe we are going to see them two together on the newest season of Black Ink Crew.


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