Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead In Hotel Freezer. Here Is What We Know.

19-year-old Kenneka Jenkins hadn’t even had a chance to begin to live her life. When her body was found locked in a hotel freezer, it left the world wondering…how did she get there and did someone leave her to die?

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Kenneka Jenkins and Monifah Shelton

The Chicago teen was last seen in a video posted Friday September 8th on social media by friends who had a hotel party in Rosemont, IL.  A phone call was placed to Jenkins’ mother Tereasa Martin around 4:30 a.m. Saturday morning. The phone call was from Kenneka’s friends saying they could not locate her and that she had left her keys and phone behind. Tereasa followed her mother’s intuition and drove up to Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel to help find her daughter.

When Martin showed up to the hotel, staff told her they could not review security camera footage without a missing persons report. She began knocking on doors, which made the hotel staff call police saying she was disturbing the peace. Rosemont PD ended up telling Martin that she should wait a little longer to file a missing persons report.

Tereasa Martin

A little after midnight Sunday morning September 10th, the body of Kenneka Jenkins was found in the walk in freezer of the hotel. At 12:45 a.m. she was pronounced dead. Kenneka’s mother said that she spoke with her daughter’s friends and their story seemed to change constantly about who went where. Her mother also says that if police would have taken the missing person report seriously her daughter may still be alive.


At first the police stated they thought that Kenneka was just so drunk she found her way into the freezer, but now they believe she was placed there.

Now here is what we know.

Kenneka was friends with a Monifah Shelton and Irene Roberts. It’s reported that Monifah is an employee of the hotel. Now Irene went live on Monifah’s Facebook page wearing these sunglasses that showed a mirrored reflection. With the voices in the video and the reflection of her shades confirmed that there were men at the party as well. We have listened to this video about 1000 times and we have picked up on a lot. Take a look.

  • In the beginning of the video the young man says ” We about to murder somebody”. Now whether he meant that in a joking matter or not, its damaging being that Kenneka ended up dead.
  • At time mark 2:02 if you listen closely someone says “they stupid they in there raping her”. Irene then confirms that the raping is taking place.
  • You can hear some of the men there debating on if they should leave the hotel or not. Could it be that one of them were not down with the rape that allegedly happened?
  • At the 3:09 mark you can hear a woman’s voice say “help me”. Some people are saying they can hear it and some are saying that it’s probably apart of the song they started to play. The song playing is called Check It Out by Chief Keef. We listened to it and the beginning of the song does not have anyone saying help me.


  • After the music goes off, you hear two women having a conversation. One is telling the other she needs to be drunk to have fun. We don’t know if one of those voices is Kenneka’s.

A man on Facebook by the name of Chris Lee used Adobe to bring the words out due to the quality of the audio in Irene’s live video. You can hear it a lot more clearly. The link is posted here for you to check it out.

Tereasa Martin & Kenneka Jenkins


Since the news got out about Kenneka’s death, Irene Roberts deleted her Facebook account, but not before people could grab screen shots of her comments where she says Monifah Shelton (the young lady at the end of the video), left with Kenneka but came back alone.

Irene also posted and deleted saying she thought they were “playing”.

Monifah Shelton has kept her Facebook page public, but came to our Instagram page to say that she would never set her best friend up.

Now here is some more evidence that what we took from that video is what happened.  If you are guilty of a crime, why would you post about it on social media only to delete it? Especially knowing  screen shots are the new wave. Someone with the IG name youngraos__  had a guilty conscious and posted that Kenneka had a heart attack while being sexually assaulted and would explain why they put her in the freezer….then deleted every post from the account.

This is extremely sad and scary at the same time. Not only do you guys rape her, but didn’t attempt to  get help if this heart attack story is true. We received an alleged conversation on snap chat from the handle Sticky Bunn who wanted to act out “revenge rape” . We don’t know who exactly this person is or if they were truly involved. I looked up Marietta (since I’ve only heard of the one in GA) to verify there is a city in Illinois, and it indeed is.


Now we took a close range picture of Irene Roberts in the video. It looks like it is a naked leg standing over someone. I’ll post it and let you determine if that is what you see.


There were reports that Irene Roberts may have turned herself in, hopefully the truth will be shined on what happened. These kids are going to turn on each other and when that happens, hopefully Kenneka and her family will get justice.

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