Bobbi Kristina’s Estate Sues TV One To Block Biopic.

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Looks like Pat and Sissy Houston are not here for TV One telling Bobbi Kristina’s life story.


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Bobby Brown

According to reports, Bobby Brown has teamed up with his late daughter’s estate to block TV One from airing the Bobbi Kristina story. The two claim that deceased’s rights to privacy are will be violated if this movie airs. The film will depict Bobby Brown being abusive to his ex-wife Whitney Houston and that Krissy witnessed it.

Bobby Brown is seeking one million dollars in damages. The estate is seeking a million as well in damages, and wants the judge to block the movie. TV One released a pretty good trailer, which definitely had us excited to see it next month. Check out the trailer here.

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Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown

TV One told TheJasmineBrand that they stand by their version of the story.

We are aware of the reported legal challenge by Bobby Brown regarding the film Bobbi Kristina and are taking appropriate steps on behalf of our network to respond. While we are not able to address our legal response at this time, we stand by the film and its representation of this period in Bobbi Kristina’s life.

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