Exclusive Interview: Growing Up Hip Hop’s Briana Latrise Talks Reality Tv, Saving The Youth, Angela Simmons, & More

Briana Latrise is the most outspoken person on the cast of We Tv’s ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’. We spoke with her to talk about her beef with Angela Simmons, her art and more.

If you have been following the show, then you know Briana Latrise dominates the room when she enters it. Her outspoken honesty seems to rub people the wrong way, but is she just misunderstood? We had a little girl chat about it and you know she kept it real.

This interview proves there is a lot more to Briana than meets the eye. We can’t always assume we know people from how they are portrayed on television. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of her on my television screen.

As we talked about in the interview, here is some of Briana’s art work. These are some very dope pictures.


You can find more of Briana’s art on Tuesdaysheart.com and if you can donate anything to the Tuesday’s Heart foundation please do, as it is more water to nourish the seeds of the future. You can donate here by clicking the link https://tuesdaysheart.com/donations/1041/

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