Black Women Helps Rihanna Make $72 Million In One Month Off Fenty Beauty.

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Bad gal Ri Ri is killing the game in every way and she just added beauty empire to her portfolio. 

With just being released in September, Fenty Beauty has already become a major hit with women across the world, but black women particularly. When Rihanna revealed that she had products to match every shade of brown there is….instantly she was winning. Rihanna’s net worth according to Forbes before Fenty Beauty was over 70 million, but once she received 72 million dollars in sales in one month….obviously they need to make a retraction.

She didn’t use a lot of big commercials or advertisements either. Fenty Beauty popped up on the scene pretty much overnight. Rihanna made sure her products were available in over 150 countries (you know Rihanna Navy is everywhere) where she reaches and inclusive female audience. Products range between $20 – $39 and are selling out like hot cakes.

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Fenty Beauty Products.

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Thanks to Tribe Dynamic’s cosmetic report, we were able to see how Rihanna compared to other major brands.

Look at those numbers in just one month! She definitely will surpass Kylie Jenner’s brand for sure.

Not only has Ri Ri changed the game, but she has her competitors shook. All of a sudden other make-up brands want to show that their line can be used by brown skinned girls of all shades too. The quickly received backlash from Rihanna fans saying they were bitter about her success.

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I am extremely happy for Rihanna’s success. 🙂 We know the majority of that money came from Black dollars. It would be even better if we supported our own small business owners that we know personally like this too. Imagine how far we could go! #FoodForThought

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