Woman Loses Limbs & Baby During Pregnancy.

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We know complications can happen during pregnancy, but we never imagined this.

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Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker via Sun-Sentinel

31 -year-old Kayleigh Ferguson-Walker was just like any other expecting mother that was excited about the birth of her new baby. Then when she was about six months pregnant, Kayleigh began having flu like symptoms. She rushed to the hospital where her health started to decline. Her kidney’s began to fail, her breathing was starting to become complicated and her blood pressure dropped dramatically.  Unfortunately Kayleigh did not know that she had contracted sepsis from an infection that occurred earlier in the pregnancy due to complications.

Doctor’s tried to find the baby’s heartbeat but was unsuccessful. They induced her and Kayleigh had to give birth to a still born baby. On top of the pain of losing a child, her body went into septic shock, so doctors placed her into an induced coma. While under, her body developed gangrene.

“My hands and feet were pitch black, dead,” she told the Sun-Sentinel. “But I was not alarmed. I just looked at them. These were my hands, my feet, and I can’t move them at all. It was not a good sight.”


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Her legs and feet needed to be amputated. “But I did not break out crying. Of course I asked, ‘Why me, how me? Why me, God? How am I going to do this? I have a young child.”

Kayleigh says her 3-year-old keeps her going day to day.

Her family has started a Go Fund Me page to help in her recovery. If you would like to help click the link here https://www.gofundme.com/kayleigh-fergusonwalker-recovery

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