True Bad Girl?

Remember Cat from this seasons BadGirlsClub? She left early stating that she had more class than the rest of the girls (mind you when she left she had just had sex with a dude in a small ass bathroom stall!) but she was arrested after cops allegedly found her in possesion :cocaine, mushrooms, ecstatsy and a gun. hmmmmmmm CLASS? wow I guess thats white she linked up with Kristin…she loves the white girl! lmao She used to date Beanie Siegel…maybe he can save her. Hope she has some good Remy hair because it looks as tho her weave is going to be real nappy once she gets out. Wonder if she’ll be on the reunion. She will probably brag about her being a real bad girl because she went to jail but um….you basically being proud of being a coke head! SMH

Another Tell All From A SuperHead….

There are reports from a groupie that says she, Tiny and TI have had sexual encounters together on numerous occasions. This chic thats opening her nasty mouth is a known ho in Atlanta and known to being a ho for a nice long list of celebs and is writing a tell all book. She saying that she was screwing TI and Tiny found out and wanted IN instead of getting mad.  I remember when TI was locked up Tiny was spotted seen with a butchy looking woman all over town.  Also in the book,  she is supposedly airing Monica and Rocko’s dirt. She was Rocko’s side piece and Monica found out and was ready to break her face. She also says that her, Trina and Wayne had a threeway. IDK if she lying or not but I will read it just to see what she says, peep the twitter comments and pics. what yall think? These celebs are straight trife just rolling over to the next person that been with ya boy, ya momma, ya teacher..HID YA WIFE AND YA HUSBANDS! LMAO


Soulja Boy Got Possum Face Pregnant

So reportedly Soulja got that nasty ratched mess Kat Stacks pregnant. Soooooo disgusting! I would say that he should apply for full custody but he a damn coke head. Thats why you dont mess with rats that open their mouth’s about the last nigga,  you aint learn your lesson? Guess you will when you cutting the cord!

Tranney Snaps Back @ Chingy

Sidney Starr, the transgender he/she that claims she slept with Chingy made a statement to hip hop wired. “I can understand why he is denying it. With Hip-Hop being so anti-gay, he feels ashamed, but we were together off and on for two years. I honestly don’t see what the problem is, because I am a real woman now.”  Sorry hunny, you are NOT a REAL woman! I got my va-jay jay from the LORD you got yours from a SURGEON! Why are yall trying to ruin these dudes street cred? He already aint had a hit in foreva!


First Basketball Wives…now FOOTBALL WIVES…Come on VH1!

Ep.101 | ‘Episode 1’

So Vh1 is really trying to go all out for reality TV. I think they are trying to break a record or something. They are airing Football Wives now………………..really? They will consist of (like basketball wives) current, future or former wives and/or baby mothers.  Deion Sanders wife Pilar will star (like Shaunie O’neal), there will also be Melani Ismail, wife of former Panthers/Raiders/Cowboys and Notre Dame legend Rocket Ismail. The other wives I am not familiar with, guess I will have to watch the show. I wont pass judgement right away but it looks BORING already. I’d rather another Flavor of Love was produced.

Reality TV…has it gone too far?

Ever since Flavor Of Love hit televisions across the world, reality television shows have never been the same! Flav’s was a personal fav of mine by the way, but anywho, I keep up with certain seasons of Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club series. This season they are in Miami. I did a post about them a few weeks back when the show was new. So the most recent news about it is that Cat the bossy black chick from Philly left the show. She left the girls while they were in Jamaica. She wrote a note while the others slept saying she was too classy for the show, and kinda trashed the girls about their behavior…ok now if you were going to leave the show due to that…boo you shoulda left episodes ago. How can you say you are too classy for them and you spit in a dudes face because he wouldnt buy your drink, you fucked in the bathroom (or tried to) in Jamaica with a dude you just met, and you were right along following suit when the girls were fighting in the club, on the beach or flashing or mooning people! So please tell me how you are too classy for them? You came in the door acting like you were better than everyone. Ok, next up Brandy and Lea lol Brandy is the black stripper from Inglewood who is in love with her now ex room mate punk rocker Lea. Lea and Brandy got into an argument because Brandy is the lesbian of the house and wants some kat. But Lea isn’t having it, she did however have a 3some with the other Bad Girl Danielle and a friend. Ericka is busy getting it in with a dude she met in Jamaica as well. Danielle…idk….Kristin made poor Kaleigh leave and cry but she is a manipulator,…these bitches better watch their backs with her. I cant wait to see the reunion. But is this the kinda of show you want your daughter to watch? Do they promote promiscuity, drinking, fighting and bad attitudes? Although it does bring ratings, what kind of setting is being placed for our upcoming generation? They showed the 3some on tv, i mean it was fuzzed out around the body parts but moaning and groaning was still heard, and its like come on now. What do you think? Do you watch the show?

Carmelo and La La Dont Play No Games!

According to one of my favorite gossip sites, the infamous Groupie/Prostitue Katt Stacks tweeted an inapropriate message to Denver Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony. His new wife La La Vasques responded, then Carmelo responded offering 5k to anyone that smacks Stacks! LMAO First off! Second Carmelo could be in trouble if anyone actually carries out that plan. You see what happend when Jeezy offered money for someone to bring him Gucci Mane’s chain. Someone got murdered! But Katt Stacks is such a whore! She has no self respect and no respect for anyone else. I cannot stand any woman that does not respect that a man is in a relationship and Melo is MARRIED! La La you have probably been dealing with groupies for a while when you guys where just dating, but now….lets just say any wife in that case should have the right to slap a ho! Below are the tweets between Melo, La La and Stacks that posted . Check  it out



He then tweeted a stack of 100 dollar bills! Man oh man, I hope the NBA lets him off with a warning. They dont need any scruitiny over her. She just needs attention

Soulja Boy, Katt Stacks and Cocaine lines


The infamous tell all groupie Katt Stacks was brought back to 20-year-old rapper Soulja Boy’s hotel room last night. She took out her phone and started to tape him. According to Co Co from Detroit’s WJLB morning show, they have the video on their site of him doing “lines”. And of course Stacks video taped herself talking about how much of a crack head he is and that his sex was bad because he was so high. First off whether this is true or not…why would you (soulja boy) invite this groupie back to the tele and do lines in front of her like she wasnt going to try to get PAID off it?! Out of all groupies, you invite the one who gave out all the Young Money cell phone numbers on youtube! The one who said she will not prostitute anymore she will get paid off giving groupie tales. SMH You walked into this trap Soulja….who knows what else she got on you. This girl is going to end up getting hired for the National Enquirer because she keep news in the tabloids…HANDS ON EXPERIENCE IN THE FIELD!