I told yall Fantasia WAS pregnant!

So FINALLY, Fantasia took the stand in regards to the alienation law suit she has been named in. Yesterday she placed her hand on the Bible and stated that she KNEW he was married, they had sex the 3 days after meeting him in a hotel, and she admitted to having an ABORTION, the same time she had the “suicide” attempt. I made a post about it back when it first happened, asking if she was trying to miscarry. Well of course no cameras are allowed in the court room but snitches are! Im sure more will be added to this story


There is a woman in Missouri that claims Weezy got another love child around. She slapped Wayne with paternity papers when he was still in jail at Rikers. The child is 8 years old, im sure pics will be floating the net soon. But the wild thing about it is that the child’s GRAND mother is filing paternity suit against him not the child’s mother. So clearly I am going to dig deeper to let you all know what the true story is behind this.

So these are the doc’s TMZ got their sticky little hands on (gotta love em =)) The company doing the testing is here in Michigan. Im sure someone in there will be a snitch. Stay tuned!

Why Do Women Feel A Baby Will Keep A Man Around?

Fantasia Barrino Antwaun Cook pregnancy rumors

Why do we as women sometimes not realize our worth? Some women will go thru all types of hoopes  and fires to be with this man who we know are no good for us. I believe Lauryn Hill said it best, “what we want might make us cry, and what we need might pass us by; if we dont catch it”. We are so stuck on this nothing ass man who only cares about himself. Fantasia is supposedly secretly seeing Antuan Cook again despite the sneak peeker for Sunday’s show. If you guys missed last weeks show, Tasia was shown in the hospital and then Antuan texts her and asks to meet. They wait for this upcoming show to air what was said but the sneak peek shows her walking away saying “I dont want to see you again”. BUT word around the Carolinas is that they are still seeing each other, and they are doing that to avoid that nast law suit and negative exposure for the cameras. I mean who wants to look like a dumb ass on camera. I mean i know you cant help who you love, but with all the negativity this has brought, a separation would be called for so she can really determine if she wants to be with him or not. I mean she says that he didnt tell her he was married….i guess….but anyway Antuan has another side piece. Some reject model that is not cute at all is saying that Fantasia is taking away from her time with him. So its reported that Fantasia told the OTHER jumpoff “Im pregnant bitch, Im gone be around forever”. …… Wow…who is more of the damn fool? Fantasia has that beautiful daughter and a career that struggled to get back on track. She should be focusing on that. Sometimes the best thing is to let go. We have our faults, but we deserve better. These accusations aren’t going anywhere any time soon.  So do you think that being pregnant will keep him? Or Keep him faithful? He has 2 of his own kids already and look what happened. Women feel that bond with that child and think that the man will too. Some men man up stay around, but is it for the right reasons? I never want to be in a relationship just for the kids. Because us being together or not you are still his/her father. Resentment starts and then its turns out worse than is was. What do you think? Why do women feel that a baby will keep that man? Yea he may or may not be around, but for who do you think? You?

Jump off Tyshianna Dubose (this is modeling?)

True Bad Girl?

Remember Cat from this seasons BadGirlsClub? She left early stating that she had more class than the rest of the girls (mind you when she left she had just had sex with a dude in a small ass bathroom stall!) but she was arrested after cops allegedly found her in possesion :cocaine, mushrooms, ecstatsy and a gun. hmmmmmmm CLASS? wow I guess thats white she linked up with Kristin…she loves the white girl! lmao She used to date Beanie Siegel…maybe he can save her. Hope she has some good Remy hair because it looks as tho her weave is going to be real nappy once she gets out. Wonder if she’ll be on the reunion. She will probably brag about her being a real bad girl because she went to jail but um….you basically being proud of being a coke head! SMH

Another Tell All From A SuperHead….

There are reports from a groupie that says she, Tiny and TI have had sexual encounters together on numerous occasions. This chic thats opening her nasty mouth is a known ho in Atlanta and known to being a ho for a nice long list of celebs and is writing a tell all book. She saying that she was screwing TI and Tiny found out and wanted IN instead of getting mad.  I remember when TI was locked up Tiny was spotted seen with a butchy looking woman all over town.  Also in the book,  she is supposedly airing Monica and Rocko’s dirt. She was Rocko’s side piece and Monica found out and was ready to break her face. She also says that her, Trina and Wayne had a threeway. IDK if she lying or not but I will read it just to see what she says, peep the twitter comments and pics. what yall think? These celebs are straight trife just rolling over to the next person that been with ya boy, ya momma, ya teacher..HID YA WIFE AND YA HUSBANDS! LMAO


Soulja Boy Got Possum Face Pregnant

So reportedly Soulja got that nasty ratched mess Kat Stacks pregnant. Soooooo disgusting! I would say that he should apply for full custody but he a damn coke head. Thats why you dont mess with rats that open their mouth’s about the last nigga,  you aint learn your lesson? Guess you will when you cutting the cord!