Artist Spotlight Music Edition : Lil Phlict


Today’s artist spotlight features a rap artist from Detroit by the name of Lil Phlict. Lil Phlict is now in Louisiana making moves with his music. Phlict has been rapping since elementary, he went many years without letting a lot of people know about his lyrical abilities.  He revealed when it comes to his music, he has a point, topic, and the lesson to be learned. He admits his music is for the streets, however, he raps about real things and stays away from fiction lyrics.

While other rappers fantisize about the lifestyle and things they dont have, I’m sending messages out. It may not be the way people want it to be …but it is an important message. -Lil Phlict


Lil Phlict In The Studio.

Listen to some of his tracks below.

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Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Juliette Ashby

Today’s Artist Spotlight comes from all the way across the pond in the UK. Juliette Ashby has been making a name for herself for quite sometime. She wrote her first song at the age of 7 and the rest is history. She was best friends with the late Amy Winehouse and the two formed a duo called Sweet & Sour. Her influences include  Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and  Bonnie Raitt. She has a voice that is very unique and definitely reminds me of her friend Amy.  Juliette is currently working on new material, including collaborations with industry juggernauts Da Brat, Mike Kalombo (So So Def), Graham Marsh (Cee-Lo), Wayne Beckford, Blac Elvis (Beyoncé, Usher), Novel and most recently reported she will be doing a show with international star Yuna.

Juliette is heating up the airwaves of BBC Radio and is making her mark in the US with her hit single Over & Over. She also just reached #10 on Billboard’s “Next Big Sound” Chart across all major social music sites. She also inked a deal with Vh1 to play her music during hit TV shows like Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, and Single Ladies just to name a few. She also performed at legendary SXSW in Austin, TX this year in 2014.

Juliette Ashby & Amy Winehouse


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Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Schi Musik

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Today we have our first female Producer hailing from Chi-town. Simona Craig, known as Schi Musik is no stranger to the music industry. She was named in the Top 50 List for Coast 2 Coast Instrumental Mixtape, Vol. 28 for an original beat entitled “Inspiration (Motivation)”.

 In September of 2008, she created Schi~Music Creative Services under the strong belief that creating music should inspire people as well as being very creative & original. There are a lot of producers, singers, songwriters & musicians that looks at what sells in the music industry and they duplicate whatever sales in order to make a name for themselves. She wanted to create a one stop shop for artists who knew poetry, song lyrics, music instrumentals, and/or management, they can come to Schi~Music Creative Services and receive all of these services at affordable rates. She strongly believes in individuality & providing their clients with a unique songs, productions &/or poetry that they can be proud of and it will be original & authentic. Read more about this artist below.  Continue reading

Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Tre Side Cool

Today’s artist spotlight is shining on a Florida native that goes by the name of Tre Side Cool. In the face of shrinking budgets, music executives are in search of the next YouTube sensation with a catchy hook & dance moves in order to amass digital single sales. While many artists have tried to break through despite an industry melt down, few have been met with critical praise. And the applause for those that have has not been loud enough to sway the course of the current rap market. Looking to excel where his contemporaries have failed, this Florida native brings promise of a new day in hip hop music. Treside Cool, born Tony Wilson, got his start in music at an early age by attending local shows with his father, who managed several local artists. From there he delved deep into the music of hip hop luminaries including Hot Boys, Three 6 Mafia, Trick Daddy, Bone Thugs N Harmony & UGK.  Read more about this artist. Continue reading

Artist Spotlight Producer Edition: LAVVD


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Today we are featuring up and coming producers that go by the name LAVVD. A group of producers out of Metro-Atlanta that started about a year ago. They already have 9 tracks that have been produced and they are ready  the world to hear and enjoy. Their rare sound and wide variety of soundscapes catches the attention of listeners instantly. With the combination of all three minds of the producers in the group, a new sound is always created. Looking to make a big mark on music, many productions on mixtapes and albums shall be anticipated by them including projects of their own. They formed about a year ago, and they were inspired by Clams Casino.  They became a group who wanted to make all types of sounds as a form of expressing art and to change music

These are some of the tracks the group has produced.

Keep Up With LAVVD: Follow them on Twitter @Chaalls_ @TJMines @SamAdesin5

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Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Love At First Sound


This music spotlight features an artist named Love At First Sound. The 21 year old lyricist was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  He developed a strong following with his lyrics. Being from Detroit, I can definitely relate to things he raps about.  I recently got to catch up with this artist and ask him a few questions. Read more on this artist below. Continue reading

Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Paco Swartz

Born and raised in Pasadena Ca, Paco Swartz has been involved in his music since a child. As an original member of the Akebulan Boys Choir,  he has performed on some of the world most renowned stages such as The Ambassador Auditorium, Shrine Auditorium, Apollo Theater, The Crystal Cathedral, & The Pasadena Civic Auditorium just to name a few. During his tenure with the choir he’s played host to the Vienna Boys Choir & has performed with the Harlem Boys Choir. His early exposure to music led him to become one of the most sought out producers along with being one of the most lyrically respected MC’s around.  He is no newbie to the music industry. He has worked with the likes of The Wu Tang Clan, Death Row, Jonathan DeCuir, Kyle Davis, TheLabel, James Broadway, CALS, Ethan Avery, YG, Bobby Brackins, Troop, Glasses Malone, Sean Paul, Lyric, and many up and coming artists around the music community. Read more on this artist below. Continue reading

Artist Spotlight Music/Poet Edition: Dahlia

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Our first female feature is showcasing the talent of someone who is going to intrigue your mind. This is a very talented artist by the name of Dahlia. (Love that name!) Dahlia hails from the Westside of Detroit born and raised into a world of music. She wrote her first poem at age 9 but her attention quickly turned to rap because at that time, that is what she felt most comfortable doing. She was mainly a rapper from the age of 9 to 25 and then one day at the age of 26 she wrote a poem called invisible and it changed her life forever; from that moment on she realized that she was meant to be a poet, but she kept her rap roots and came up with a style like no other, a true poet that can also spit a mean 16, one of the reasons she fell in love with poetry was because she wanted to be able to express things in true form and then use her gifts of artistry to create that same idea into a rap where she could reach even more people, not to mention that when she started doing poetry she felt free. Check out the rest of her feature below.

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Artist Spotlight Music Edition: D Da Don

Today’s Artist Spotlight features a hip-hop artist by the name of D Tha Don.  The Detroit rapper has been creating his own buzz in the streets of Detroit. He started off as a producer, then in 2006 he discovered he had bars hidden under his belt.  He has been hustling hard and performing all over the city to make his following stronger. For the past 5 years he has held the Detroit Open Mic scene. He then released his first EP titled ‘Blue Magic’ with the hit single ‘We Roll’. He is working on releasing  a follow up album ‘D’s NUTZ’ with hit single ‘She Ready’.  D even has a feature with the hilarious Katt Williams. He is showing he has what it takes to be a star.  Check out his videos and music below.

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Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Bran Martez

The second Artist Spotlight feature is showcasing the talent of an artist by the name of Bran Martez.  The 24 year old rapper was born and raised in Detroit, MI with 9 siblings. He picked up a pen at the age of 12 and started rapping. Bran Martez is an artist that does not like to limit himself into one genre. He will make any kind  of music that appeals to him. His style has been mostly compared to the New York rapper Fabolous. His favorites to listen to are Drake, Chance The Rapper, Fabolous, Cam’ron and Kendrick Lamar. He is mostly influenced by rap greats The Notorious BIG and Jay Z. Check out more on this artist below. Continue reading