Fan Comes To TI’s House At Night To Talk “Business”


TI does not play when it comes to his family. A woman whose Instagram name is TheRealCrawlins, somehow got past the front gate of the subdivision and made her way to TI’s home. The woman and a few other people showed up in front of TI’s mansion blasting his music, hoping that he would come outside.  Continue reading

Drake Reportedly Calls Chris Brown A Liar. Says Karrueche Is Not His Type.


This whole fiasco is getting crazier and crazier. Yesterday we reported that Chris Brown went in on his ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Twitter. He said that she was not loyal like they allowed the world to think. He even said that Kae was trying to creep with rapper Drake. Now there were reports saying that she was secretly texting Drake, and Drake informed Breezy. However, Chris’ accusations are that they went out on dates. A source close to Drake has responded to these accusations saying Chris is lying.  Continue reading

Chris Brown Blasts Karrueche Tran For Trying To Creep With Drake. Then Has Words For Plies Commenting On The Situation.

Chris Brown announced at a concert last night that he was a single man. He obviously was very pissed off when during the concert he said “f**k that b**ch”. That started a war between him and Karrueche Tran. The two have been off and on for a while now, so usually no one is surprised when they break up, because they get right back together. This go round, it seems they may never even be friends again. Chris took to Twitter where he posted: Continue reading

TI Gets Snoop Dogg To Apologize To Iggy Azalea

Well that beef didn’t long. Yesterday we posted about a feud forming between rappers Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azelea. Her boyfriend even jumped in it on social media addressing Snoop. TI, Iggy’s mentor, stepped in and gave the OG a call. Snoop got on Instagram confirming that he did have a conversation with Tip.

Hey boys and girls. I just got off the phone with my homeboy Tip, the king of Atlanta, and it’s officially over. No more bad talk. I apologize. Yeah I apologize. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.

It’s over I’m back on my cool sh-t no harm no foul. #ifitaintaboutthemuch love @troubleman31trespect sorry bout that

Iggy responded on Twitter, “I appreciate the apology @snoopdogg Let that be that people, time to focus on the positive things I’ve got going on. no time to dwell on the negative.”

Snoop IG 2


TI squashed the issue before it got too out of hand. He is known to have been the reason other industry beefs were ended.

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Snoop Dogg Vs Iggy Azaelea Over Instagram Me Me?

I don’t understand this beef at all lol. Rap veteran Snoop Dogg and rap new comer Iggy Azaelea seem to have issues now over a picture Snoop re-posted on his Instagram page.


This picture caused Iggy to respond via her Twitter page. See what she said below.
Continue reading

Meek Mill Pissed Off At Label Mate Wale. Wale Responds

Is a war brewing over at Maybach Music Group? Label mates Wale and Meek Mill seem to be at odd over lack of support. Philly rapper Meek Mills took to his social media to let us know why he is in his feelings regarding Wale not promoting his upcoming album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’. Apparently Rick Ross tweeted about the album release date, as he should being he is the head honcho of MMG. When they make money he makes money. Wale however is said to not have tweeted about it. See exactly what Meek Mills had to say. Continue reading