Kevin Hart Goes In On Drake, Lil Duval, Meek Mill, & Marlon Wayans On Instagram.

Tonight was all about the Super Bowl and Kevin Hart’s leather shirt. Drake, Meek Mill, Marlon Wayans and Lil Duval had a lot of jokes and took shots at the leather shirt Kevin is wearing in the picture above. Kevin did not let them slide, and started a war where pics were posted and funny shade was thrown. Take a look.  Continue reading

It Really May Be Over. Toya Wright & MempHitz Are Separated


Just a few weeks ago we reported that couple Toya Wright and MempHitz may be having issues in their marriage. Over the past few days, both Toya and MempHitz have been posting messages confirming their marriage may be over. It has been reported now that the two are living separately .

The two core problems they say is having a public marriage and money. MempHitz is said to have hated being in a celebrity relationship. Which couldn’t have been easy, especially since Toya will be forever connected to rap mega star Lil Wayne. MempHitz wanted their relationship to have more privacy. I am not sure what Toya’s take was on celebrity relationships. Continue reading

Tamera Mowry- Housely Is Pregnant With Baby Number 2!


Is 2015 going to be another year for the babies? Actress and talk show host Tamera Mowry-Housely announced that she is expecting a baby. She gave birth to her son Aiden 2 years ago, but she has always talked about giving him a sibling. Read what she posted on her Instagram.  Continue reading

Is The Marriage Over For Toya Wright & MempHitz?

Say it ain’t so! If we are to believe Instagram, we have to say it looks like the marriage of Antonia ‘Toya’ Wright and her husband MempHitz is coming to an end. MempHitz has been posting clues on his page that being a celebrity (no matter what list you are on) can affect your marriage. Marriage in itself is hard, so being under the pressure of public eyes can hold heavy weight on it as well. Read what he had to say about his marriage.

Continue reading

Fan Comes To TI’s House At Night To Talk “Business”


TI does not play when it comes to his family. A woman whose Instagram name is TheRealCrawlins, somehow got past the front gate of the subdivision and made her way to TI’s home. The woman and a few other people showed up in front of TI’s mansion blasting his music, hoping that he would come outside.  Continue reading

Drake Reportedly Calls Chris Brown A Liar. Says Karrueche Is Not His Type.


This whole fiasco is getting crazier and crazier. Yesterday we reported that Chris Brown went in on his ex girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Twitter. He said that she was not loyal like they allowed the world to think. He even said that Kae was trying to creep with rapper Drake. Now there were reports saying that she was secretly texting Drake, and Drake informed Breezy. However, Chris’ accusations are that they went out on dates. A source close to Drake has responded to these accusations saying Chris is lying.  Continue reading