Lupita Nyong’o Doesn’t Know Who Kenya Moore Is

Ok ladies and gentlemen, we now know why Lupita did not take a picture with RHOA’s Kenya Moore…..she doesn’t know who she is! We reported a few weeks ago that Kenya threw major shade towards Lupita for declining to take a picture with her at one of the Golden Globes after party. Well now, Kenya’s story is changing saying that SHE never wanted the picture with the Oscar winning actress, it was her friend who wanted the picture.  Continue reading

RHOA’s Kenya Moore Throws Shade At Lupita Nyong’o. Says She Needs To Humble Herself Since She Only Made 2 Movies.



Hunny this season of RHOA is allllll about shade! So it is no surprise that Kenya Moore will plant a palm tree on and off camera. This time the tree leaned towards Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o. Both women attended the Golden Globes and the after party. Kenya wanted to take a picture with Lupita, but Lupita declined. Kenya took her disgust to Twitter to tell Lupita she needs to take a humble seat. Continue reading

TBS Cancels Cee Lo’s Reality Show After He Tweets About Rape

He's got contacts: CeeLo can serve his community service through MusiCares Foundation

What was this guy thinking? Former conscious rapper Cee Lo is in hot water again due to some very questionable tweets. For those who didn’t know, Cee Lo just recently plead no contest to date rape charges he had pending against him. Apparently some fans asked him about it on Twitter and his replies were questionable…especially since he has 2 daughters himself. I highly doubt he would accept this response from a man who possibly date raped one of his girls. Read his tweets below.

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Meek Mill Pissed Off At Label Mate Wale. Wale Responds

Is a war brewing over at Maybach Music Group? Label mates Wale and Meek Mill seem to be at odd over lack of support. Philly rapper Meek Mills took to his social media to let us know why he is in his feelings regarding Wale not promoting his upcoming album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’. Apparently Rick Ross tweeted about the album release date, as he should being he is the head honcho of MMG. When they make money he makes money. Wale however is said to not have tweeted about it. See exactly what Meek Mills had to say. Continue reading

Stevie J Confirms Split From Joseline Hernandez For Sleeping With 30 Men

Bus driver Stevie J announced on his Twitter that he and his (wife?) Joseline were no longer together. Allegedly he found out a few days ago that the self proclaimed “Puerto-Rican Princess” cheated on him with over 30 men which included rappers….and a few gay men?! Stevie says he had overwhelming proof and cut her off.

This happens shortly after Love & Hip Hop co-star Benzino calls Joseline out for being a former street walker. TMZ attempted to reach out to Joseline but she has gone off the radar. She should be completely embarrassed if these facts are true. The verdict is still out on if they are really married (I say nah), but Joseline was adamant that it was Stevie who was messing around. She found pis of different women in his phone. He however was not expecting this. Mona Scott Young will make money off this story line for sure. Check out more on this story. Continue reading

Arsenio Hall Show Canceled

Funny man and legendary talk show host Arsenio Hall is leaving the talk show game once again. CBS has announced that the show has been canceled. Arsenio Hall had his own show once before which aired 1989-1994, and the ratings were amazing. The show was brought back to life last year but unfortunately the ratings were not good enough.  Read the CBS report below. Continue reading

Whitney Houston Biopic Comes To Lifetime

The word has been wondering when and if this was going to happen. Would it hit the big screen or TV’s across the nation? The question has finally been answered. Actress Angela Bassett is going to produce the Whitney Houston biopic which will be aired on Lifetime.  The film will be based on the late singers life, career success, personal life, marriage with singer and bad boy Bobby Brown,  challenges and her tragic death.

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