Tamar Braxton Sued Over Music Theft

Say it aint so? R&B singer/reality television star Tamar Braxton has been sued by a woman named Emmi Kozulin, who claims she wrote a song off of Tamar’s No. 1 album ‘Love & War’. Kouzlin states she and another songwriter named Angela Hunte wrote the hit ‘One On One Fun’ and both were supposed to get credit for it. The problem is that the two never signed any paperwork over who owns the song. Kouzlin states she recorded the song the pair wrote, therefore she should own the song. Sip more of this tea below. Now Hunte, a famous song writer, gave the rights of the song to Epic and Sony Music without Kouzlin’s consent, and did not give credit to Kouzlin as a writer. Kouzlin says Tamar Braxton recorded the song and distributed it without consent and that is illegal. She sent an infringement letter to the Braxton camp making them aware of the situation. Allegedly their camp never responded, so Kouzlin filed a lawsuit. She is demanding 50% of the profits made from the song, a court order naming her as one of the song writers, plus other damages from the infringement. This definitely has to be a blow for the star who recently had to deal with her husband, Vincent “The” Herbert, having to pay a hefty tax debt off. Hopefully she can protect her assets. If we know anything about “She/Her (as she likes to refer to herself), she is about her coin and does not like to share it!

Click the link to read the court documents.


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