Braxton Family Values Returns (Trailer Included)

WE TV is bringing the Braxton Family back for a fourth season this August. This seems the most emotional season yet to air from the BFV series. For starters it seems that sisters Traci and Tamar almost come to blows for a reason not yet disclosed. Towanda has some type of emotional break down while at dinner with her family and smacks glasses off the table causing the glass to go everywhere, and Tamar lets the family therapist know this will be the last season of Braxton Family Values for her. I will honestly say despite how extra she is, she is a MAJOR part of the show and its success. Not to take anything away from the others but Tamar is better for ratings.

Take a peek at the trailer below for the snippets of the drama below.


Definitely an intense trailer, I will be tuned in.

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