Love Jones Sequel In The Works?

The wonderful and hardly aging actor Larenz Tate has made it known there needs to be a sequel to ‘Love Jones’. It it hard to believe that 18 years ago he and the beautiful Nia Long filmed the romantic movie. I am excited to announce that Tate and Long are trying to make it a priority to have the sequel in theaters soon. Tate spoke to Madame Noire about the possibility of the sequel being filmed. Read what he said below. 

According to Tate:

“Nia and I, I’ve been trying to figure out, do we do the sequel? Is there a way to do a sequel? Is there a way to do a continuation? Or is there a way to do a part two? We’ve been creating all kinds of scenarios. It’s still very much so at the top of our conversations. It has become a priority. We have to address this. What are we going to do because the audiences in that time, not only do they celebrate the movie, they want to see what happened.

 It’s really tough to figure out how you catch lightening in a bottle twice. The movie was such a success. Maybe not when it first came out, but over the years it’s become such a cult classic. It’s become such a groundbreaking movie for our generation and now the next generation is picking it up,” 

I would love to see this sequel pan out with the same actors and pick up where Darius and Nina left off. What do you think about this? Do you think part 2 could be just as good as the first one? “The Best Man Holiday” did not let me down, so I am hoping this sequel does not either. That soundtrack though? Full of great music through and through.

Check out the movie!

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