Rick Ross Is Placed On Detroit’s No Fly Zone, Fears For His Life List & Responds On Twitter

Just as other major cities, Detroit hosts a Summer Jamz concert that brings out big names. Last night Detroit radio station Hot 107.5 was scheduled to have major artists such as B.O.B, Rico Love, Sevyn Streeter, and should have been Rick Ross. According to reports, Rick Ross showed up to Chene Park and was greeted by 100 men who were not going to let Ross perform on stage. Word on the street is that Detroit rap legend Trick Trick was the one who called that shot. Now for those who don’t know what the No Fly Zone is let me give some info on the back story. 

The No Fly Zone means rappers that are not from  Detroit who do not support artists from Detroit  or make contributions to the city are not welcome to perform in Detroit. The No Fly Zone acknowledgement has made it all the way to Wikipedia. Apparently Rick Ross did not think that message applied to him and attempted to show up anyway. The hosts of the Summer Jamz came on stage and stated that they pleaded with Ross to come back and perform and he stated he feared for his life and announced the concert was over. Patrons were pissed to say the least. Watch this video detailing what happened.

 What do you think? Do you agree with the No Fly Zone? I know from a Detroit artist’s perspective they rock with that mindset, but as a patron of the city, how do you think this will affect artists coming to perform there? Will people have to drive miles away to enjoy a concert or will Trick Trick send his goons out to Pontiac to protest as well? Is it overall a way for Detroit to stick together in support of each other? I am curious to know who else is on the No Fly Zone list.

Trick Trick has a single called “No Fly Zone” check it out.

Rick Ross responds on twitter making light of the situation.

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  1. Smh! On one Gand I get it but then again this is most definitely going to cause future problems with other artists especially affiliated with Ross. And it’s not really fair to people who want to see other artists from outside of the city. But as stated above if they don’t pay they can’t play.

  2. This is stupid & who wants to listen to most of the walk ass artists in Detroit . Local rap legend lmfao !!!

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