Is Someone Getting Fired For This? Beyonce’s Lead Dancer Confirms Trouble In Paradise For The Carters

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There have been plenty of rumors going around about Jay Z and Beyonce and their marriage being on the rocks…..and being practically over. Now marriage is ever perfect and people seem to idolize what they have not really knowing WHAT they have. There have been talk of cheating, outside children and Bey getting fed up. Beyonce has been keeping up appearances  by posting pictures on her social media of happy pictures of all three of the Carters. A way of countering the negative reports on their marriage. One thing about being famous, for the right amount of money, your most loyal friend, relative etc…will tell your business “anonymously” and show up at your place for dinner at 7. Someone has clearly been talking and it has landed Bey on the covers of magazines who are reporting Bey will be heading to divorce court.

One of Bey’s leading dancers in her camp recently spoke to “The Insider” and confirmed that Bey is frustrated about all of this and what she has expressed in her music is what she is actually going through. Maybe not word for word but it lets the world have some type of insight. I wonder how Jay feels about this. Beyonce has been changing lyrics to her songs while performing on the “On The Run Tour”.

Ashley Everett (Beyonce’s dancer) says “I think after a certain amount of time, there’s only so much a person can take. She’s expressed it through her art and through her music and that’s her outlet.”

Watch the video below.

She didn’t tell anything too revealing but gave the tabloids fuel for more stories. Its more sad because it is soooo public and Blue Ivy is involved.



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