Where Is Olivia Pope? Scandal Season 4 Premieres September 25th (Watch The Promo Video!)


The Gladiators have been waiting all summer for this premiere. ABC has released the brief  trailer for season 4 of Scandal. Shonda Rhimes had to let Columbus Short go from the show due to his legal issues and violent behavior, so our beloved Harrison will not be returning. His character was killed off on the season finale of season 3. I know I was heavily disappointed. The promo picture above is saying a lot! Everyone is looking at the camera except Mellie who is looking at Fitz, and David is looking at Olivia or Jake. Are they trying to tell us something here?

Watch the promo trailer below.

Well we know Jake and Liv are on a beach somewhere and Fitz is desperate to find her. Everyone is trying to figure out #WhereOnEarthIsOliviaPope? Are you excited about the new season? How will it be without Harrison? It will premiere at 9pm EST 9/25/14 on ABC. Don’t disappoint us Shonda!

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