Afroman Punches Woman On Stage During Performance. (Video)


Remember Afroman? Well this time he can’t say this was ‘because he got high’. During a performance last night in Biloxi, MS, a woman walked up on stage and started dancing. I guess she got too close to him and he turned around and punched her. I’m talking straight Floyd Mayweathered her ass. He then turned around and started back playing his guitar. 

Witnesses say she was bleeding and crying, but she managed to get off the stage. His rep says Afroman had no idea if the fan was  man or a woman. The rep went on to say that this was out of character for the rapper, and that he was only reacting to someone being on stage, being there was minimal security.

Afroman was escorted off stage by police, and was arrested for assault outside the venue.

Take a look at the video.

That was bad. Was that her boyfriend that jumped on stage? He didn’t want to be knocked out so he ran off stage too. I’m sure she will be trying to sue him for whatever he has.

Afroman was later released after paying a $330 bond.

SN: I didn’t know he was still making music. You learn something new everyday.

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