Laura Govan Sues Ex Fiancee Gilbert Arenas For Taking Back His Engagement Ring And Selling It.

Basketball Wives LA star, Laura Govan, is suing her ex fiancee Gilbert Arenas for the 1 million dollar engagement ring that he gave her back in 2008. They never married, but Laura feels because Gilbert took the ring back and sold it, she deserves some of the money. 

In the legal paperwork, Laura claims that she and Gilbert started dating back in 2002, and back then Gilbert made about 200 million while playing basketball. Even though she never was he legal wife, she feels entitled to that cut of the money too. She says Gilbert promised her that from 2003 going forward they would share any money he received.

Laura says that he kicked her out of their home and took the ring back, so she wants money from all of the marijuana clinics Gilbert owns. She says she deserves more than 1 million dollars because of the drama that she had to endure with him.

I remember seeing on a court show that a woman tried to sue her ex fiancee for taking back his ring. However the judge didn’t rule in her favor. The judge said that the ring is kind of a contract promising that as long as we will marry, the ring is yours. Since they didn’t get married, the contract was null and void, and she had to return the ring to him since HE bought it.

Laura unless you’ve got it in writing…you may not have a case.

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