Did Tyga Tattoo Kylie’s Name To Prove He Is Over Blac Chyna?

“Tattoo my name so I know it’s real!”

So just a day after Blac Chyna releases the text messages from her son’s father, Tyga, pictures start to surface of his arm, that suggest he may have had Kylie’s name tattooed on him.

Now at first we thought it was photo shopped, that was until we saw many different photo’s with different angles, and it looks like its real.

So people who are “just friends” don’t normally just go tattoo each others name on their bodies for no reason. I’m not sure when he got the tattoo, but was it his PR that talked him into it to save face?

Was it Kris Jenner? Who knows, but I know when Kylie turns 18, they are probably going to do the most and really try to flex on Blac Chyna. They probably will move in together or something.

Congrats Tyga, who knows where your career will go now that you are dating one of Kris Jenner’s girls. Checkmate!

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