Exclusive: Detroit Church Possibly Helping Cover Up Their Pastor Killing A Man Whose Wife He Got Pregnant.

On Sunday during church service, 36 year old Detroit pastor Keon Allison released 4 to 5 bullets from his gun into the chest of 25 year old Deante Smith, a semi-pro football player. Smith accused the pastor of having an affair with his wife Tykia Smith, and also getting her pregnant.

City of God Church, Detroit, Michigan

Now according to many media outlets, they say that Smith showed up to City of God church on Grand River Ave in Detroit, and threatened to kill everyone there. Church members reportedly told the news that Smith allegedly had a brick in his hands as well.  I received an exclusive tips from a source who says the church is feeding the police and the media false information to protect the pastor. Afterall, the church is a business right?

According to Deante’s aunt, he found out about the pastor and his wife from the church’s own first lady. That’s right the pastor’s wife showed up to Deante’s front door to tell him about the affair. Soon after Mrs. Smith told him that she was pregnant. Now according to my source, his wife was very down and depressed about the pregnancy, so Deante went to talk to the pastor about it for guidance, but he noticed however the pastor reception was a bit off. At the time he didn’t think anything of it, but it all made sense once his wife told him she had gotten an abortion because it was the pastor’s child.

Tyika Smith, wife of Deante Smith

Now here is the information I received that isn’t being reported. Deante actually was deep in his faith and into the church. He sent his wife to go be counseled by Keon Allison, and that’s how the affair began. Allison began to make Deante’s wife feel very safe and secure with him. Allison is said to have taken advantage of her during her weak state of mind.

Many people say Deante was not a confrontational man, but he did approach the pastor about the affair which Allison denied on numerous occasions. Allison denying the affair pissed Smith off. He was told by family to divorce his wife, but Smith loved her and that was against his faith. He then reached out for spiritual guidance and was given the advice to let God handle the pastor and not to hurt him. Apparently he was told that these kinds of things happen all the time.

Now, because of Deante approaching him many times about the affair, Allison went and filed a police report against him. Smith wrote on his own Facebook page that he was showing up to the church to expose the truth. Here is where I start to question things. My tipster advised that when Smith walked into the church on Sunday, he did NOT have a brick on him. 4 different people confirmed to my tipster that there was no brick, and that was said to help protect the pastor. Nor did he threaten to kill the other members in there. If you think about it, unless he had a gun on him, why would he threaten to kill multiple people with a brick? Knowing he can be taken down by one or two men in the church. My tipster also brought to my attention, why would the pastor have a loaded and unlocked gun on him during service. If it was at the end of the night and he was preparing to leave, or he had the monies on hand from tithes, then one could understand….but standing in the pulpit with a loaded gun?

Also, if it was self defense, why did he shoot 4 to 5 times at Smith? He could have shot him once or even twice to make him staul. It honestly sounds like this could have been premeditated, but the pastor could have been smart and made the police report on purpose. Being that Smith wrote he was going to expose the pastor….that could’ve been why Allison had that gun on him and was ready. My tipster says the church refuses to tell the police what they know really happened because they do not want a scandal being attached to the church name, being the affair is already one abomination they have to deal with.  My source says the church is willing to portray Deante to be this deranged monster, when in truth he wasn’t.

Deante’s family is trying to find out what actually happened, as they did not know he was murdered until they watched the news. But this text message that was allegedly sent to Tyika has been forwarded to a few members in his family which is further raising their suspicion. The text was sent on October 16th and the shooting happened on the 19th.

Keon Allison was detained for questioning then let go. Now we wait to find out if he will be charged with Deante’s murder. Family members are confused as to how Allison is a free man and they want justice. Meanwhile, Tyika is trying to avoid any and everyone. We will keep you posted as this story develops.

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