Bobby Brown’s Sister Leolah Brown Says Whitney Houston May Have A Secret Daughter & Bobbi Kristina Died From Starvation.

Even after death, Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina continues to make headlines. There is a young woman who is claiming to be the late singer’s daughter. According Bobby Brown’s sister, Leolah Brown, it may be true.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Leolah Brown confirmed that Whitney Houston may indeed have another child. She says there was a rumor that Whitney got pregnant young and gave up the baby.

Yes, there is a woman out there who claims she is Whitney Houston’s daughter. I am going to try to help her as much as I can because if this is true, I want to help her.

Leolah also went on to say that Bobbi Kristina did not die from the bathroom incident, but believes Nick Gordon was starving her to death.

Somebody wanted her dead. I want the world to know that Bobbi Kristina did not die from the bathtub incident. That’s not what killed Bobbi Kristina. Bobbi Kristina was starved to death.

She went on to say that Nick Gordon beat Bobbi Kristina, knocking her teeth out.

Nick dragged her up the stairs beating her, okay? This is a young man who swears to God that he loves my niece. But yet you drag her up the stairs by her hair and punched her in the face and you knock two of her teeth out of her mouth?

Nick Gordon is a monster. He is a monster. If he can do that to Krissie, somebody that did nothing but love him? He is evil.

Take a look at the clip.

How long will this woman who claims to be Whitney’s daughter stay under the radar? Will Nick Gordon ever be officially charged? Only time will tell.

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