Former Bad Boy Group ‘Da Band’ Is Ready For A Comeback.

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Da Band 2003

Da Band is ready to make music again but this time walking to get cheesecake won’t be required.


Earlier today on Instagram 1/6th of the group New York rapper Babs posted saying the group is officially back together.

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Far Left. Sarah Stokes, Freddie P, E-Ness, Babs Bunny Below. Chopper & Dylan. (In the far back is Diddy’s former assistant Fonzworth Bentley)


For those of you that are too young to remember, back when reality TV was fresh on the scene Diddy created a show on MTV called Making Da Band. It was like 2003-2004. He found a bunch of people and made them live under one roof and battle each week for a spot on his roster. He ended up with r&b singer Sara Stokes, rappers Babs Bunny, Freddie P, Chopper, E-Ness and one of the most memorable  Dylan.

Take a look back at this episode when Diddy punked the group and made them walk all the way to Brooklyn for cheesecake. It was a 3 hour walk.


Ugh! Diddy treated them like they were trying to pledge in a fraternity or something.


Hopefully the group is getting along better than they did back in 2003. The music was hot back then though so I’m interested to see how this reunion turns out and if Diddy will touch it.

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