Exclusive: Watch The Extended Trailer For Black Ink Crew Season 6.

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Black Ink Crew is back December 6th and we have got the jaw dropping extended trailer for you to see!

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On the newest of Black Ink, we will get to see Ceasar live his best life after his break up with Dutchess. He is single and definitely ready to mingle out here in these streets. Sky will reunite with her sons, which will not be an easy task. We posted the story about her oldest son Genesis doing an interview about his side of the story, and figured he would appear on the show.

Donna is still trying to find herself, Melanie gets accused of stealing and …where the hell is Oh Sh*t?

Take  a look below.

Well Damn! Because they post a lot, we definitely see on social media the gang goes to Korea with Bae. Hopefully she is able to get closure regarding her father.

Do you think Melanie really stole that money? Guess we will have to wait till December 6th to find out.

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