Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Petter Jones

We are taking the Artist Spotlight all the way to Philly for this one. This artist goes by name Petter Jones. He is currently with an independent record label, SKE (Street Knowledge Entertainment) Records. Hailing from North Philly, Petter Jones has been on his grind for quite some time and is finally receiving his deserved recognition. Petter started rapping in 1999 because he hung around friends that grew up in the hip hop culture. Music was something that Jones adapted to.  He was recently interviewed and was asked who was his music influenced by. 

Man my influences are hip-hop in general. I definitely enjoyed the mid hip-hop era with the movements of Death Row, Wu-Tang, and Bad Boy. I am also a huge Mase fan which had me rapping sometimes flashy can play in part. As we upon this new generation I’m influenced by the new styles of Kendrick, J. Cole, Drake, and Eminem. That’s the new people I love in the game right now so it’s good to have them here to compete with.

Check out more on this artist below.

He calls himself ‘Super Saiyan’, a name most known on popular TV show ‘Dragon Ball Z’. Petter talks how his music is influenced by the show.

If anyone knows or follows Dragon Ball Z then they know the race of the Saiyans are power hungry, and will do what they can to push themselves to the next limit.  I feel I’m able to do the same thing, with my music of course. So I’m determined to push myself to make my next power track. 

Petter also has a YouTube webisode documenting ‘The Rise Of A Super Saiyan’ which helped build anticipation for his mixtape. Until the release, Jones has released a new video for his single “Three” featuring Trel Mack and Shawn Archer. This is what his fans have been waiting for. Check out the video.

He also did an interview with iNolsen Radio Show, check it out.

Check out episode 2 of his Rise Of A Super Saiyan

Petter Jones is backed by label founders Q the Question and Trel Mack. They are making waves in the industry and even landed recognition from Source Magazine. Being an independent label that is not an easy task to conquer. #Salute to their team.

Keep your ear to the streets for this artist, he will be played on a radio near you!


Keep up with Petter Jones: Twitter-@petterjonesske

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