Artist Spotlight Music Edition: Dusty McFly


Today for the Artist Spotlight segment we are featuring Dusty McFly. This Detroit rapper has been making moves to get the world to know who exactly Dusty McFly is. He has been apart of tours with major artists such as the Trey Songz  Anticipation tour,  Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers tour and he also performed a set with Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy.

His lyrical ability has gotten accolade from XXL, Vibe, and Gobal Grind magazines just to name a few. In an interview with XXL magazine he stated “My goal in hip-hop is to become the voice of the original D boys that took nothing and turned it into something. I want to be the voice for those that didn’t get a fair shake that are either deceased or encaged. Detroit has a real story that needs to be told. Detroit breeds strong, hard working, characters. We’re currently under represented nationally. We are making progress but it’s my goal to represent our street struggle with pride and integrity to the world. I want to put the real D on the map and tell the untold story. If you listen close enough to my B&B series and decode the lyrics the story will unfold before your eyes.”

Listen to some of his music below.

This song right here is hot!


Dusty McFly is still grinding in the studio making hits for the streets. To keep up with him and hear more from this artist go to ,,, Twitter (@Dustymcfly41)

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