Angie Stone Was Arrested For Domestic Violence Against Her Daughter.



R&B diva Angie Stone was arrested and taken to a Dekalb County jail on Monday. Allegedly, she got into a heated argument with her daughter Diamond. Now if you watched R&B Divas Atlanta, you know that Angie had a rough relationship with her daughter. The show explored their ups and downs, and Diamond admitted that she felt Angie was not the best parent while she was growing up, since Angie was always on the road.

According to Angie’s report, Diamond punched her in the face and she simply tried to defend herself. She had a metal stand in her hand, and she accidentally hit Diamond in the mouth.

After realizing that she hit her daughter, Angie says she dropped the stick and tried to back off, but Diamond tried to grab her again. A neighbor was able to intervene before the fight went any further.

Photo’s leaked of Diamond’s injuries, and unfortunately her teeth were knocked out.


Diamond says the fight started after Angie complained that she did not clean up after her children.

Diamond was released without charges.

Angie is still being held.

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