Nikko Says MiMi Asked Him To Be His Fake Boyfriend For Love & Hip Hop. Watch The Full Interview.


This is a lesson to be learned for anyone in the limelight. Watch who you sleep with, because they will use your dirt against you for what they can gain. (Gets off soap box) So Nikko did an interview  with Hot 97 where he says MiMi asked him to be her fake boyfriend to keep a story line on the show. 

Now lets keep it 3 bucks, we know that damn near all of reality shows are scripted in some way. Producers stage fights, meet ups….all that, what usually doesn’t happen is reality stars admitting to the fakery.

Nikko Smith said in his interview MiMi and her manager approached him about “playing” her love interest on the show. He says they wined and dined him to get him to agree to the role.

“It made sense to after what Steven Jordan [Stevie J] did to her. She was torn up or whatever. They invited me out to dinner. They did the whole wine and dine me,” Smith said, who explained that he was struggling in L.A when they approached him. “They had the producer for VH1 at the time with them.”

Apparently Nikko was homeless in LA at the time and needed the money.  He talked about why he feels he needs 25% of MiMi’s book deal, why he brought his wife on the show and more.

MiMi had a response for his interview.

Do you believe Nikko or MiMi?

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