Usher Returns To Court To Ask Judge For Restraining Order Against His Stalker. Says He Fears For His Life.


Atlanta singer Usher Raymond is returning to court to plead to the judge to grant a restraining order against a 26 year old woman named Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw. Darshelle allegedly has been stalking Usher for years now. In 2012, a judge granted a temporary restraining order after the singer proved the woman was delusional. Now Usher wants it to be permanent.


The restraining order expired July 2013, but Usher feels that the crazed fan could go as far as hurting him or his children. In 2012, Darshelle showed up to his house, pounding on the door demanding to be let in. She believed she was his wife.

As of May 15th, Usher filed a petition to get a permanent order of protection. Another temporary order has been put in place, but a hearing will occur in the next few weeks to see if it will be permanent.

Based on her Instagram account, she is definitely obsessed with Usher. The judge needs to take this seriously.

@howuseeit Timing truely is everything

A post shared by Darshelle Jones-Raymond (@thatillegaldame) on


A post shared by Darshelle Jones-Raymond (@thatillegaldame) on

She is outside of his home. That is scary.

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