Wendy Williams Says Her Son Was Addicted To Synthetic Weed.

Usually we head over to Fox or BET for Wendy to give the dirt on her “Hot Topics” segment on the Wendy Williams Show. On Monday though, she spilled some tea on herself. She admitted that she found out her 15 year old son, Kevin,  was addicted to synthetic weed. I know this had to be hard for her because both she and her husband suffered from drug addictions some time ago. When Wendy was up and coming, she was addicted to crack cocaine.

Wendy admitted that she does snoop through her son’s room to make sure he isn’t up to anything, so she definitely was not expecting to find out that he had been smoking.

“Our son was made exposed to synthetic marijuana […] by a loved one who he looked up to,” Williams said. “It’s one of those pens where you don’t see the smoke and you don’t smell anything.”

Wendy went on to say that although the synthetic weed only has 2% THC in it, it has a lot of other manufactured chemicals in it. Kevin went completely off track. “I’m trying to make funny on [my comedy] tour, but in actuality my heart is breaking, and my kid could’ve been dead,”.

Wendy Williams and her son Kevin

Wendy and her husband took Kevin out of the country to get treatment. She did not want to give him any drugs from the FDA so she wanted natural treatments to help him. “Fortunately, Kevin has two parents who took harness of the thing. We took him out of the country for holistic treatment. We didn’t want to pump him with psychiatric drugs and all that other kind of mess. I’m glad to say that our boy is on the good side of good now,”.

I’m glad Wendy was able to see what was wrong early before it got very bad. He could’ve gotten hooked on something worse than synthetic marijuana. As parents, it is our responsibility to check on our children and make sure all is well.

Glad you are doing better Kevin!

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