CNN Anchor Grills CDC Director For Bringing Ebola Virus To Atlanta

Two American medical workers were infected with the Ebola virus while volunteering in Liberia. The CDC allowed the workers to board a commercial flight to Atlanta, GA and are being treated at Emory Hospital. Dr. Sanjay Gupta is CNN’s Chief Medical reporter had questions for the director of the CDC. He is concerned that the CDC allowed the virus to enter the country without thinking about the safety of the population.

“You’re knowingly bringing Ebola into the United States — a virus that has not been here. Just to be clear, there’s nothing different that they’re going to get in the United States versus where they are,” said Dr. Gupta. “If there were specific things they needed it could’ve been flown there. This was purely because they wanted to bring these patients home to the United States.”


Dr. Friednen, CDC Director, did not give CNN any clear answers. “Once the plane lands [in Atlanta], how are they going to get the patient to the hospital”, Dr. Gupta asked.  Dr. Frieden replied “I’m not going to go through the details with you.”

Take a look at the interview.

I agree with Dr. Gupta, they have allowed the this virus into the country knowing the possibilities of it spreading. If the health workers get infected…we have to find people to care for them as well right? Him saying it is not a cause for concern is pure bull. How does the Atlanta population take this for fact or truth? I would be pissed being a patient or worker at the Emory Hospital.

Dr. Gupta asked how do we know the people that are leaving Africa and boarding flights back to the US not knowing they are infected won’t infect someone unknowingly. Friednen’s response does not have me convinced.

God bless us all.

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