Web Celeb Daily Was On TMZ Live !

Mamma I made it! lol Yesterday I was surprised to see a notification on my Instagram asking if I wanted to participate in a discussion on TMZ Live! Who wouldn’t want to be seen on a nationally syndicated show? I was able to discuss the Lil Wayne and Birdman beef that’s been stewing in the pot for a few weeks now. 

The process was so fast, and I only had like 30 seconds to give my stance on it, but it was a super fun experience none the less. Thank you TMZ for being interested in my opinion on the matter. I also learned that Wayne would drop the law suit if Birdman pays him the 10 million and he will finish out his contract.

My question becomes, how would this change the dynamic of their relationship? I think it may be beyond repair.

Check out my video. (Sorry for the quality, I filmed it on my cell phone lol)

They said they will be using me again soon so Celeb Fans keep your fingers crossed!

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