TBT: What Happened To Some Of The Cast Of “My Brother & Me”

This TBT is dedicated to the kids that were raised in the 90’s. You know, back when television had real programs for us to watch. Nickelodeon was a big deal for us back then. I would have to say back then they were more popular than Disney Channel and Cartoon Network.

One show that I used to love to watch was “My Brother & Me”. It was the first scripted show on the station with the majority Black cast. It followed the life of Alfie, his little brother Dee Dee and their friend Goo. Want to see what they all are doing now?

Remember Alfie? He was basically the star of the show. His real name is Arthur Reggie III. You know you’ve seen him on Martin on a few episodes. When “My Brother & Me” was cancelled, he went on to appear in the movies Sliders and Bullworth. He is also was the voice behind Jamal for the short lived cartoon “C-Bear And Jamal”.

Today he goes by the name Showbizness, and is focusing on his rap career.

Goo was a fan favorite. Goo, whose real name is Jimmy Lee Newman Jr, was Alfie’s funny best friend and always getting into trouble. Who didn’t want to drink Goo Punch? After the show, he acted in a CBS after school special about kids and violence. He also appeared on “Sister Sister” after the show ended.

Today Jimmy  is married with kids in California, and has not been doing much acting.

This cute lil face was Dee Dee. His real name is Ralph Woolfolk IV. He played Alfie’s little brother on the show. After the show, he quit acting and enrolled in Morehouse College. He played baseball for them and pledged Alpha Phi Alpha. He graduated and is now married.

I wouldn’t have even recognized any of them except Alfie, he looks very similar to when he was young. I am glad that none of them are criminals or on drugs.

It would be nice for shows like this to be aired again for our children to have more wholesome shows instead of the crap that is on today.

Here is an episode of “My Brother & Me” to top this TBT off.

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