Man Sues Terrance Howard And Lee Daniels For Stealing His Life Story For Empire.

A man named Ron Newt says that the hit show Empire is the exact story of his life. He says that he met with Terrance Howard at a Four Seasons hotel to discuss Ron’s documentary “Bigger Than Big”. According to Ron, Terrance loved it and wanted to portray him in a film.  Ron says the next thing he knows Empire airs with a lot of similarities. 

Here are some of the similarities between the documentary and the show:

Ron killed his long time friend, and Luscious kills his long time friend.
Ron killed 4 drug dealers, and Luscious killed 4 drug dealers.
Ron had a round table and Luscious has a round table.
Ron’s wife China Doll went to prison and gets released and Cookie went to prison for drugs and gets released.
China Doll had a signature hat….Cookie wears a signature hat. (Peep the furs too)
Ron’s sons were in the music business….Luscious’ sons are in the music business.

Take a look at the documentary trailer.

Ron wants billions from what Empire has made and has filed  law suit to get it. I have to say the stories are extremely similar, and if Ron has proof he and Terrance met up, he could have a valid case.

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